FUTURISM is already PASSEIST, a century old! Not relevant to our times ! We are no longer trying to become the superhuman machines, the machines are now trying to become human like us. We have gone from using machines to INTERACTING with them. We are CREATORS of a new species the ANTHROPOMORPHIC MACHINE. We should no longer be fascinated with big machine shapes and complicated wire connections and structures of industrialism. We are beyond that! We live in a WIRELESS ELECTRONIC WORLD! Everything is becoming smaller with less wires with less material, smaller and more intelligent. We live in the times of the INTERNET! THE MAGIC OF WIRELESS CONNECTIONS FASCINATES US! One cannot determine where it is , one cannot see it one cannot make it shown but the connection is there! The Internet connects us to the WHOLE WORLD. We only need to make small GESTURES and we can see , can talk to, can interact with ROME, AUSTRALIA, USA, ENGLAND AND ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES at the same time. Our Gestures are now important movements. We use mobile phones. We click things. We have ALL our friends all our family all the people we know in IMMEDIATE ACCESS! It only takes a click and I can whisper something and they can hear me at the other end of the world. It only takes a click and I  know things I did not know before. It only takes a click and I meet someone online. We live in TWO REALITIES. One is the literal physical one and one is online. We have TWO SELVES, one literal and physical which a few people have access to and an online self who the world HAS ACCESS to! Lets aknowledge both our realities. Lets stop avoiding to admit that we live in both. We play interactive games with our machines we talk to them we feed them information and they feed back we give them names they become us. We live both in reality and the experience of reality! LETS EMBRACE BOTH OUR WORLDS IN EVERYDAY LIFE IN ART IN MUSIC IN DANCE!

(This is what I had in mind about the beginning of the manifesto, then we can start writing our choreography of interactive technological lifestyle according to our dance manifesto!  Of course we can add/change things tomorrow, I have some more ideas to add, have a read through and let me know! Iris)


According to what we decided in the meeting,this is a summary of what we said we’d do in preparation for tuesday’s class:

1)buy white suit (from pound land- like the one Michaela got!)

2)buy glow sticks (from pound land- 20 for one pound!)

3)Caroline-write sound poem

4)Iris-write the new manifesto

5)Sam- try to find sounds that we could use

6)Iakovos- try to film gestures

7) try to find torches


Thinking about what we said on using music from technology for our dance I was thinking that us music students could create a”soundtrack” using the sounds of macs pc and video games on Logic (its a recording programme on the macs). Then we could create an arrangement for these prerecorded sounds and the live theremin- so it would be INTERACTIVE ( this is for iak:P )! Let me know what you think!  🙂


Our Name

Grammatical sense and meaning in words was not something that futurists engaged in. So, our name does not really mean anything. However, it is something that brings out the futurist character of our group. Anti pasti was something that came up after considering the food manifesto. This manifesto will not be included in our future plans for performance, but since one of the main points of being a futurist is loving the simultaneity of life, we included this in our title because it so happened that we looked at it while trying to find our core manifesto (and also, because it sounds fun!) . The word mermaids came about after we had selected our core manifest to be : The Manifesto of Futurist Dance by Marinetti. We read Of Cyborg Technologies and Fascistized Mermaids: Giannina Censi’s Aerodanze in 1930s Italy” by Anja Klock. We got excited by the word mermaids and decided to include it in our name!

Some thoughts deriving from the word mermaids


In a way we are like mermaids nowadays in the sense that we have limited “feet activities”. We use our feet as little as possible and yet we still manage to “get to places”. The difference to mermaids though is that we “don’t use feet” not because we don’t have them but because we mostly visit online places.

We can get books from digital libraries instead of going to real ones. We can talk to our friends online instead of going to find them, we can ask for information or send information to people via email instead of going to see someone. We can get information on all sorts of

things online through internet search engines instead of going to search for things. If we want to we can order food online or via telephone instead of going to the supermarket or going to a restaurant. We live in a time where we have the choice of not using our feet, we don’t have to go to places , places come to us. And even if we do want to go to a place we will usually use our car, the bus, the train, the airplane, the ship, the underground, the bike. Leading a fast paced life makes us use our feet as little as possible, we usually want to go to places in the fastest possible way. Thus, we sit in the car in the train in the airplane and we are travelling without moving! Especially in the big cities, once we embrace this kind of lifestyle it is difficult to stop and try to live any other way. Our gadgets (computers,phones etc) and machines (cars, trains etc) help us do things faster and because of this luxury that they offer they have become essential to us.

While thinking about all these things, this song came to mind which I think might be talking about these issues “Travelling without moving” by Jamiroquai (notice the car sounds in the beginning)

On movements and gestures

To be fair though this is only one way to look at it. Yes, we do mostly sit down to go places or type things on computers or look at screens but there’s still movement needed for these things too. We move our hands our fingers our head. We are using GESTURES all the time. Gestures that would make no sense in a world without technology. Computers, mobile phones, all kinds of touch screens and also interactive digital games have us moving our bodies in ways that we would never have thought of before. Consequently, gestures such as scrolling down on a mac laptop, or double clicking and navigating a mouse on a pc, or going through things on a touch screen phone, or playing games on a Wii are only some of the gestures that we will be exploring and employing in order to devise a choreography of the interactive technological lifestyle which we are all, more or less, leading today!